Cherry Bikini is an underground electronica duo made up of Sophie Boscallini and Armand Abagliani. Sophie and Armand moved around a lot in life, and somehow both ended up in Paris at the turn of the millenium. They met through some mutual friends who wanted to start a band. The band didn't pan out, but the musical chemistry between Armand and Sophie was so strong, they quickly decided to pursue their own thing, giving birth to Cherry Bikini in 2002.

Their first CD, Cherry Bikini, recorded at home with little more than an 8-track, some sample software, and a budget of about $50, has since become a classic in the sextronica music sub-genre (a sub-genre which the duo helped to pioneer back in 2002) with such infamous songs as "Just Fuck Me", and "Come So Hard". A whole lot of downloads and some college radio play helped fuel CB's notoriety, as did their appearance on several compilation albums.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Cherry Bikini recorded and released their second CD, Dream Days. Although lyrically not as explicit, Dream Days still deals with sex, sexuality, and a free and easy attitude towards life. The Bikinis' third release, Remixed, is a varied collection of remixes of their songs by underground DJs and producers. Their subsequent releases, "13" (2007) and "Sequences" (2012), see the duo branching out musically to explore new sounds, combining various elements to create a spectrum that is at once hyper-sexual, playful, and dreamy, all the while retaining the unmistakable Cherry Bikini sound.

Cherry Bikini's music is catchy and fun, with crazy hot electro hooks, nice beats, and beautiful vocals. Lyrically the songs deal with confidence, with desperation, and all points in between. The "kings of kinky electro-pop" hope to continue to kick ass well into the future. They are currently based out of Europe.
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